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Spruce Up Your Home With Fall Container Gardening

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Spruce Up Your Home With Fall Container Gardening

By Joe Sherinski

For News USA

(NUI) - Are your poppies or petunias looking a little peaked? It might be time to add some fall blossoms to your garden.

Summer's end doesn't have to mean the end of the gardening season. Fall is one of the best times to plant and repot existing plants.

Whether you're gardening in small spaces, adding accents or changing your landscape entirely, you can put together great arrangements with container gardening.

And, the selection for your fall displays is abundant with the vibrant autumn blossoms of pansies, violas and chrysanthemums, a few of the flowers adapted to cooler weather.

Design your containers for the autumn months by choosing warm colors like oranges, rustic reds and golds. Asters, flowering kale and brilliant red plumbago are great choices.

For height around walkways, choose plants like sedum "autumn joy" and Japanese anemone.

Adding a little greenery is easy with ivy or asparagus fern.

Bring the autumn splendor indoors with herbs like parsley, chives and golden sage that can be used in the kitchen as part of your Thanksgiving feast.

For great foliage and flowers on decks and in window boxes, try goldenrod, pansies or violas.

When you're through planting, you can start repotting. You know your existing plants require repotting if roots are growing out of drainage holes, bottom leaves turn yellow or drop off, or the soil becomes faded. If you forgot to repot in the spring, repotting in the fall provides optimal plant growth and freshens soil.

Here are some tips on repotting and preparing plants for fall:

* Bring existing outdoor plants indoors once the temperature begins dipping below 50 F in the evening. Be sure to repot to get rid of bugs.

* To repot, select a container with drain holes that is one size larger than the original pot.

* Fill one-third of the new pot with premium potting soil, like Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix , which holds 33 percent more water than ordinary potting soil, then releases it automatically to the plant's roots as needed. This protects your plants against the stress of too much or too little water. This potting mix also contains just the right amount of Miracle-Gro Plant Food to get plants off to a great start.

* Tip the old pot over and remove the plant with your hand. If the roots are tightly wound, gently slice the sides of the root ball in two or three places with a trowel. Insert the plant into the new pot, filling with more potting mix and pressing lightly. There should be about an inch of space between the top of the potting mix and the lip of the pot.

* Water thoroughly and allow to drain.

That's it! Your fall container garden is ready. With these quick and easy tips, your landscape, indoors and out, will look its finest this season.

The "GardenPower With Joe Sherinski" television show is currently syndicated in 25 markets across the country. To learn more about gardening, send your questions (you must include your city and state) to askjoe@gardenpow or visit

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