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Give Your Plants Room to Grow

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Spruce Up Your Home With Fall Container Gardening

Watering Lawns, Flowers and Container Plants

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Watering How-to's for Lawns, Flowers and Container Plants

(NUI) - It's a little known fact, but water comprises 70 percent to 90 percent of a healthy plant. During warm weather, the water quickly evaporates through a plant's leaves, making it imperative to replenish the lost water.

When watering a garden, it is important to pay attention to any plants and flowers that require special care. There may be specific water demands for your garden.

For flowers, the water needs to reach the plant's roots, not just slide over the surface or run downhill. For lawns, it is essential to make sure water reaches six inches down into the soil. Container plants need increased attention and must be watered on a frequent basis.

The best time to water is early morning when the water pressure is better. Watering in the morning slows down the reproduction of fungi and mold. In addition, as the day progresses, light and sunshine will help dry the leaves. Watering early also stops grass and leaf burn.

Learning how much water your plants and garden need is important. So is a durable hose, like the Original Quick Connect System garden Hose by GARDENA, which features heavy-duty five-ply construction. The smooth vinyl tube improves water flow and the radial design dual reinforcement eliminates kinking and allows flexibility at all temperatures.

Externally, the hose features a heavy-duty abrasion and dirt resistant cover. Under normal use, the hose will never split, crush or mildew, according to GARDENA.

A hose is a good option for many items in the garden; however, there are certain plants that require higher maintenance, such as those in a container. Using a watering device that is designed for these types of plants is helpful.

For instance, the Flower Shower, GARDENA's two-in-one watering system, gives you the option of using a gentle, rain-like spray or a diffused, soft water stream. The gentle spray is effective for use in flowerbeds and borders; the diffused stream works best for the precise watering of potted and individual plants without disrupting the soil.

Paying attention to the specific needs of all the plants in a garden, as well as your lawn, is sure to help keep them healthy and looking beautiful.

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