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G. Loomis Reels

G. Loomis Current Reel
Category: Fishing - G. Loomis Reels
Merchant: RiverBumcom
Price: $225.00

After you're gone, these reels will cause fights amongst your heirs. Until then, a top of the line water resistant drag system will put the odds decidedly in your favor when you tussle with drag testing fish. Double anodized and cold forged they're light, strong and easy on the eyes. A quick-change push button spool and easy handle conversion makes it easy to swap lines and will keep the southpaws happy. The reel is available separately or as a combo that includes a spare spool and clam shell case.

G. Loomis EastFork Reel
Category: Fishing - G. Loomis Reels
Merchant: RiverBumcom
Price: $165.00

Failure is not something we take lightly on a reel's drag system, or any other part for that matter. When we set out to create the new EastFork reels we started with no preconceptions. We had no set manufacturing technique, no preexisting components and no vision of the final product. What came out of it is performance, and at under $200, performance you'd expect to get from a reel costing twice as much. With the new EastFork reels you won't have to loosen the drag to save your tippet, or crank down to prevent a large fish from spooling you. All three models are equipped with very strong, smooth and sensitive drags that transition from a delicate, friction-free startup, to controlled strength at any setting. This is accomplished with a proprietary drag material that will allow you to look forward to an eternity of reliable, and enjoyable, hours on the water. Forged? Machined? How about both? We combined the best of each world to accomplish a stable, intricately detailed marriage between spool and body. They're lightweight, very strong and hassle free. A push button spool allows quick extraction if needed, and switching left to right is accomplished with a simple O-ring design. The richly finished color, and a beautifully detailed wooden handle compliment all rods, especially all the new G. Loomis models, making these as nice to look at as they are to fish.

G. Loomis Venture Reel
Category: Fishing - G. Loomis Reels
Merchant: RiverBumcom
Price: $100.00

In the old days, even the finest fly anglers thought of their reels as little more than a line holder. Not to say they didn't appreciate the craftsmanship of a finely machined fly reel, they just felt the skills for fighting fish on a fly rod were with the fisherman, not the workings of a reel. Their main requirement of a reel was simplicity. They would appreciate our new Venture reels. A quality reel at a bewildering price, each Venture reel is a sturdy, cast aluminum vision of beauty and simplicity. Featuring a wide-range adjustable disc drag, quick release spool, and a rich, champagne gold anodized finish, the Venture reels are available in three sizes: #3, #5 and #7. They all come with a padded case because, even though they don't cost a king salmon's ransom, you'd hate for them to get treated poorly.

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