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Baja Catch: 3rd Edition by Neil Kelly and Gene Kira
Category: Fishing - Saltwater
Merchant: RiverBumcom
Price: $26.95

This book is the fishing, travel and camping manual for Baja California. How to catch over 50 species of game fish, basic Spanish needed for the Baja angler, and much more. 150 Black and White photos 16 detailed fishing maps 14 Fishing Calendars 8.5x11 inches 293 pages

Bonefishing: Fly Fishing the Flats - Bonefish, Permit, Tarpoon, Travelly by Randall Kauffman
Category: Fishing - Saltwater
Merchant: RiverBumcom
Price: $79.95

Totally rewritten the most comprehensive work on bonefish and flats fishing ever produced. First half of the book details the fish, flats habitats, and flyfishing techniques. Second half describes each of the worlds' known bonefish/flats destinations; Cuba, Bahamas, Belize, Christmas Island, Marshall Islands, Venezuala, Mexico, & more. 600 colored illustrations 8.5x11 inches 400 pages

Fly Fishing in Saltwater: 3rd Revised Edition by Lefty Kreh
Category: Fishing - Saltwater
Merchant: RiverBumcom
Price: $19.95

Twenty years ago, “Fly Fishing In Salt Water” pioneered this new territory for fly fishers. Now, with over 12,000 copies sold, this fully updated, revised and expanded edition with new chapters on Knots and Leaders, Flies, Tackle, Inshore Fly Fishing and Boats, Kreh has brought his classic work absolutely up-to-date. With 100 Illustrations Black and White Photos 7x10 inches 352 pages

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