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Radar Golf

Radar Golf Balls (1 Dozen)
Category: Golf - Radar Golf
Merchant: IN THE HOLE! Golf
Price: $39.95

The RadarGolf Dozen Balls On first glance, many are intrigued by the concept of RadarGolf, but unsure about the quality of the ball. While RadarGolf is not positioned as a ball company (since our product offers benefits unlike any ball on the market), we have a fantastic ball that compares favorably to any 2-piece product on the market. The RadarGolf?Ball is a USGA-conforming ball that meets all performance criteria established by the USGA (size, weight, distance, initial velocity, and symmetry).    Ball Information If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

Radar Golf Case
Category: Golf - Radar Golf
Merchant: IN THE HOLE! Golf
Price: $14.95

Radar Golf Case A three-quarter zip style makes it easy to quickly retrieve the handheld when it is time to search. A sturdy clip let's you attach the case to your golf bag for convenience or stow it inside your bag or in the golf cart. Black with white embroidery. If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

Radar Golf Shield-It Pouch Set
Category: Golf - Radar Golf
Merchant: IN THE HOLE! Golf
Price: $14.95

Radar Golf Shield-It Pouch Set The handheld will locate all RadarGolf Balls. Therefore, it is critical that all spare golf balls are shielded from detection. The pouches are made with a special metallic fabric that blocks the radio frequency (RF) signals and allows you to find only the ball in play? when you are searching. Use the large pouch in your golf bag to store up to a dozen Use the small pouch to carry an extra ball in your pocket If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

Radar Golf System
Category: Golf - Radar Golf
Merchant: IN THE HOLE! Golf
Price: $179.95

The RadarGolf System The RadarGolf System, using Ball Positioning System (BPS) technology, consists of three main components. The handheld, Shield-It pouch and ball work together to save you strokes, time, and frustration. The RadarGolf System Includes: * Radar Golf Handheld * 1 DozenRadarGolf Balls * Handheld Protective Carry Case * Shield-It pouch set (one large and one small) * Owner's Manual * Informational DVD * 6 AAA Batteries  System Details BPS technology uses advanced electronics to enable the handheld to transmit a specific radio frequency (RF) signal. When this signal reaches a RadarGolfBall, the ball returns a separate specific RF signal. The handheld receiver is tuned to listen for the signal from the ball. An LCD provides visual feedback and an audio tone allows you to hone in on your lost ball. You will receive stronger feedback as you get closer to your ball. The handheld will locate all RadarGolfballs (in your pocket, golf bag or golf cart for example). It is critical that you keep all RadarGolf balls shielded from detection. Place all spare balls in the Shield-It pouches. The pouches are made with a special metallic fabric that blocks radio frequency signals and allows you to find only your ball in play when searching. Use the large pouch in your golf bag to store a dozen balls and the small pouch in your pocket for one ball. The ball is USGA conforming and meets all USGA specifications for size, weight, distance, initial velocity and symmetry. It has been thoroughly tested for durability and performance parameters including carry, distance, roll and dispersion accuracy. The embedded microchip is so small that it does not affect the performance of the ball in any way. The chip has no power source and will last as long as the ball.    Why use the Radar Golf system? The RadarGolf System benefits you in many ways. The next time you play a round of golf, think about the RadarGolf System and how it can help: Lower your score. It's a simple equation: Finding lost balls = Taking less penalty of strokes = Lowering your score Find your balls that are in play. Don't walk away and take a penalty stroke. You no longer have to. Speed up play. There's no need to have anyone help you look for your ball.  Step up to the tee with confidence because you know you'll find it. Reduce frustration. Rather than being distracted searching for golf balls, you can now stay focused on your swing and your game.      Testimonials "My wife bought me the RadarGolf system as a Father's Day present. I have fallen in love with both the balls and the device. I use it on a regular basis and everyone who plays with me is very impressed. I have even had caddies tell me my ball went down a ravine and was out of play, only to find it six inches off of the fairway and easily playable! By the end of most rounds my golfing friends are ready to go out and buy a RadarGolf system. " Roger, Palo Alto, CA"After playing with the RadarGolf System, I was very impressed with both the playability of the ball and the ease which the handheld device works. As a PGA Golf Professional, I believe every amateur will find the RadarGolf System very useful. Players will find their ball resulting in less penalty strokes and speed up play because they won't be looking as long for their wayward shots. I think this technology will revolutionize the golf industry." Mark Lynch - Tournament Director, Casa Blanca Resort, PGA Professional "When I first heard about the RadarGolf system my biggest concern was what kind of affect the "chip" would have on the ball flight and performance. To my amazement, the Radar Golf ball can fly down the fairways and check on the greens." Jim A. - CA "I have been waiting in anticipation all winter to use my Radar Golf system. Just before the golf season started for me I began a renovation on my house and stored all my things in my garage including by mistake my radar golf system. I played twice without it because I as unable to dig it out. After losing 5 balls and 8 balls on subsequent outings and not scoring well, I decided I was going to dive in a find the device no matter what. I am amazed what happened. I played one round and shot a 37 on the front which is my best 9 ever finishing that day with an 82 and then the next time out I shot an 80 which is my best 18 ever. I am convinced this happened because I wasn’t afraid to hit the ball and had more confidence in my swing. I will not play without it. It is truly a complimentary addition to the game of golf. "Thanks for making the game more enjoyable to play." Gian D. - Canada "We celebrated my parents’ wedding anniversary this past weekend. They were on the course this afternoon to try it out. I just picked up a phone message from them and they are ecstatic. In fact, they can’t wait to head out again tomorrow so they can use it again." Lisa - Toronto "Whether nailing a drive, flopping a chip, dropping a putt or hunting through the rough- the RadarGolf ball is amazing!!! The "chip" gives you an extra advantage other players don't have. My buddies will have to buy the system to remain competitive. Thanks." Kent - CA "I was playing the Luana Hills Country Club in Oahu on a gorgeous sunny day over Christmas vacation, and hooked my tee shot into a huge area of low green leafy plants. Without my radar golf unit, I wouldn't have even bothered going in to look for it, as you couldn't seen the ground beneath the leaves. Two golfers were approaching on the opposite fairway and inquired what I was doing as I waded through this impossibly large patch of plants while waving my radar golf unit. I told them to watch and they were dumbfounded as the beeping from my radar golf unit increased in intensity as it located my errant tee shot. They asked where to get one so I gave them the same information I give everyone who sees! Incidentally, I have similar stories from virtually every course I play from Loomis, to Las Vegas!" Paul - CA "My RadarGolf unit worked like a dream on our spring break vacation in Cancun, Mexico. We found every ball we "searched" for including two that were completely buried in the weeds. (My brother hit those two!) " Jim - CA "RadarGolf might simply be the greatest golf invention of the 21st century." Darin Bunch – Fairways & Greens Magazine "From a golfer’s perspective, The RadarGolf system is the best thing to come along since the personal computer." Pat - Minnesota "Well done and congratulations on the launch. My parents picked up one of the first devices in Florida. It worked great and they loved it." G. D. - Florida The system really works. The ball flys fine, seems to go as good as what I usually play. Ole hit two of the longest drives of his life. The biggest find came on twelve, after a long search, Ole found his Radarball some 100 feet from where we thought it should be. It must have really kicked off of something to go that far.  If not for RadarGolf, he would have had to go back to the tee and re-hit with a two stroke lost ball penalty, instead he hit it on the green with no penalty. I really like the ball system, and now that I've used it, I can't imagine playing anything else. It saves time and penalty strokes. It is a BIG advantage. J. Reilly - CO. "As avid golfers, my wife and I constantly find our game slowed by our search of lost balls, and we are equally annoyed by having to add a stroke for a non-findable lie. L.N. - Arkansas "I buy anything new pertaining to golf and I love this one.  Plus I know I'll sell this to my friends – I already sent 22 emails to my golfing friends." David - CA "I felt my first experience with Radar Golf should be recorded for posterity… On my last round of golf for 2005 I had the opportunity to play Cedar Crest Golf Course in Dallas, Texas, with three good friends. Dennis - Arlington, Texas    FAQs Does the RadarGolf System conform to USGA rules? The USGA states that scores may still be submitted for handicap purposes since the RadarGolf System does not assist in the physical execution of the golf stroke. Therefore, the RadarGolf system is allowed for posting USGA handicaps. What is the range of the RadarGolf System? 30 to 100 feet depending on the terrain. What type of care is required for the RadarGolf Handheld? The RadarGolf Handheld should be kept in its protective case when not in use to protect it from outdoor elements. Excessive moisture, sun, heat, or physical shocks can damage the unit and affect its electronic sensitivity. Batteries (6 AAA) should be replaced at regular intervals to ensure good system performance. Does the golfer need to be aware of any special considerations when using the RadarGolf System? Yes. The golfer needs to keep spare RadarGolf Balls in a golf bag rather than in a front pants pocket. Otherwise, the golfer may be searching for a lost ball and find the spare ball in the pocket! Similarly, cell phones, car keys, and other electronic devices should be stowed in the golfers golf bag or golf cart to remove interfering signals when searching for a ball. Finally, when conducting a search, be sure that others in your group and motorized golf carts are behind you to minimize potential interference. Will the RadarGolf System work indoors? No. The RadarGolf System and BPS technology were designed for use outdoors on a golf course where there is minimal potential interference from other electronic devices.  

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